جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Conclusion of Student Activities at Taibah University
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Under the Emblem (You Innovated)
Conclusion of Student Activities at Taibah University

His Excellency Rector of Taibah University Dr. Adnan Bin Abdullah al Mazrooa sponsored yesterday evening Saturday 1/7/1434 A.H. the ceremony of concluding the activities of the Deanship of Students Affairs of Students Activities for 1433-1434 A.H. organized by Taibah University under the emblem (You Innovated)
The ceremony started with verses of the Holy Qur’an. Then, a visual presentation(promo) has been provided, discussing the students activities of Taibah University and the innovations presented by the students clubs which resulted in implementing more than (100) events during the academic year and translating ideas to a real an tangible reality in the diverse approaches (scientific, literary, health, and media).
Afterwards, the Students Affairs Dean Dr. Saleh Al Harby delivered a speech saying that the activities has been conducted by the male and female students of Taibah University, echoing to far horizons. Hence, we witness these days reaping the fruits of long efforts in which the male and female students become a hard number at the level of local and international contributions. The most evident proof of this is obtaining the Golden Quill by them in the Fourth Scientific Conference which has been recently held in Mecca. As well, an initiative of distinctive club has been proposed in the Gulf Youth Meeting held in Sultanate of Oman with the contribution of (19) Gulf University. They have proven their existence and realized their identity through these participations. At the end of His speech, he thanked His Excellency the Rector of University for His unlimited support for the female and male students of the University and effective contact with them.
Afterwards, the student Majid Al Harby delivered the speech of the activities students, saying that the male and female activity students of were keen on perseverance and assiduity to realize the achievements with all enthusiasm and activity. in “ Your Health is Worth Life” program, they formulated the best medical touches and participated in the raising the awareness of community and disseminating health culture. In the “Volunteering is Life” program, they succeeding in disseminating the voluntary work culture and in deepening the virtuous values in community. Also, a number of seminars and courses have held which participated in educating  the male and female students, in addition to the contribution of Taibah University’ s scouts in social occasions and events.These innovations were launched from the student and returned to him.
Then, His Excellency the Rector of Taibah University Dr. Adnan Bin Abdullah Al Mazrooa delivered a speech, outlining that the land in Taibah University is fertile to plant the male and female students’ innovations this year, affirming that the University administration is keen on preparing and providing comfort means for them and providing all potentials through awarding many of the projects at Taibah University including the establishment of external playgrounds and closed sporting halls to motivate male and female students to innovate.
Subsequently, the student Abdul Aziz Al Radadi gave a poem on this occasion. As well, the female student Amany Al Ahmady gave a poem in the English Language.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, His Excellency the Rector of Taibah University honored the contributing authorities and the distinct clubs students, and commemorative photos have been taken.

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