جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
To Disseminate the Awareness of Safety and Environment Protection in Artistic Works
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Taibah University Concludes its Program of the Ways of Avoiding Health Risks of the Artistic Works Requirements
Taibah University Concluded yesterday Monday the events of Environment Day of 1434 A.H. organized and entitled “ Ways of Avoiding Health Risks of the Artistic Works Requirements” during the period from 1-3 Rajab 1434 A.H. at the University.
The events program of the first course provided by the Standing Committee of Prevention from Radiation and Environmental Awareness within the events of Taibah University’s Environment Day by consolidating the environmental education of individuals and groups starting from family and ending by the people studying at schools and universities, developing the courses of artistic education in a way commensurate with age category, its gender, and appropriate place, and providing it with all means of security and safety, and adding appendices at the course of Artistic Education course including some important guidelines and coordination with the Courses Unit at the University Vice- Deanship of Educational Affairs to review the description of Chemistry courses taught at the Artistic Education Department at the University and developing the course to be compatible with the Artistic Education specialty and to be provided by specialists in applied Chemistry, and extending communication bridges between the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education through consulting the experts and scientist of Artistic Education  at the Higher Education in developing plans and courses commensurate with the reality at schools, age category, and assigning a joint committee between Taibah University (represented by male and female specialists from the Artistic Education Department) and the Culture and Arts Association from the Ministry of Education (supervisors, teachers, female supervisors and female teachers of Artistic Education) to prepare the safety document of the artistic requirements containing safety posts and an explanation of the marks of prevention, danger, warning, and emergency, and opening cooperative channels with the Ministry of Commerce and the Consumer Protection Authority to limit the entry of dangerous products which are used in artistic works to the country and supervising the sale shops, and coordination with the Ministry of Education and Culture and Arts Association to hold such courses inside their headquarters so that the opportunity will be more appropriate for the attendance of those concerned with artistic works and qualifying those who are concerned to provide courses inside their Departments and schools so that the benefit will prevail to a large segment of the target people, and urging the artists, teachers, and interested people who are permanently exposed to artistic powders of the necessity of periodical medical examination.
The course, whose events were launched on last Saturday, discussed a number subjects related to health risks of artistic works requirements provided by the contributors including “How do health problems arise from the artistic works requirements and how do they develop”, “ How can we evade the problems of metals and minute particles emitting from the artistic works requirements”, “ How can we improve the balance mechanisms and self- refinement in our bodies”, “ Proposed ways to evade the exposure to volatile hydrocarbon materials vapors during the drawing period  and during storage period” by the Professor of Pollution and Environmental Poisoning Science Dr. Abdul Bade’ Zalaly, “ The health problems resulting from exposure to the vapors of volatile materials emitted from the artistic works requirements” by the Professor of Vocational Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Ahmad Refat, and as well a workshop entitled “ Security means to be necessarily taken in the laboratories of Artistic Education” by Dr. Waleed Al Yaqeen. Also, the course included two specialized workshops in the program field.

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