جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Distance Education Deanship at the University Reviews its Accomplishments During the year 1433- 1434 A.H.
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During the Ceremony of Honoring the Distinctive  Female Employees in the Success of its Training Plan
Distance Education Deanship at the University Reviews its Accomplishments During the year 1433- 1434 A.H.

The Distance Education Vice-Deanship at Taibah University organized a ceremony to honor the female distinctive employees contributing in the success training plan of the current year 1433- 1434 A.H. at the headquarter of the Distance Education Vice- Deanship at the female students section at Taibah University.
The Distance Education Dean Dr. Ali Bin Muhammad Gameel Deweidy mentioned in his speech that we are in an age based on investment in modern technologies in all aspects of life, requiring the promotion of future visions and reconsidering the styles of traditional operations at all levels and to represent the basic learning in building Man and citizen who is capable of dealing with modern technologies and the changes in the international arenas under knowledge society.
He said: many of the countries embark on changing its educational means and taking advantage of the enormous potentials of the usages of technologies in the educational field which are represented in developing in its competency to develop appropriate educational atmospheres for the success of  educational process. Dr. Dewidy pointed out that through e- learning which works on changing the traditional type to a cooperative type in which the teacher and student are involved in the educational process to keep pace with the technical changes in terms of the need to a new educational system commensurate with and keeping pace with the modern age and its requirements of up-to-date technologies, digital content, and developed communication means that can free the university from its traditional form and serve the largest number of learners in a way flexible and compatible to the requirements of the age, and offer a new educational model for university study. He said that the Distance Education Vice- Deanship at the female students section, under the supervision of the Vice- Dean Dr. Aisha Belhesh Al Omary, provided distinct programs to disseminate the e-learning culture and activate the e-learning role at the University whether by direct training or through the default halls by a scientific style codified in training.
The Distance Education Vice- Dean Dr. Aisha Belhesh said through a speech delivered at the ceremony that due to the huge expansion witnessed by applying the e-learning programs in the Kingdom, the Distance Education Vice-Deanship at Taibah University is keen on promoting the level of the e-learning services, distance education, developing the academic courses to keep pace with the requirements of sustainable development strategy and settling applicable technology to develop the skills of using technology in the educational process so that all affiliates of the university and its branches enjoy the most developed distance education technologies by generations contemporary to the most up-to-date technologies of an electronic future ranking the Kingdom in the forefront of communities owning this type of cultures and ranking it in its suitable positions among the nations which invest in future education.
The Vice – Deanship reviewed the accomplishments of Distance Education of 1433- 1434 A.H. which included the commencement in constructing the TV circuits and distance education building and creating and inaugurating the site of the Distance Education Deanship, and creating Taibah University’s network channel, developing the educational T.V. centers, establishing smart halls in the university campus, As Salam academic complex, and approving the e-learning units at the university, producing e- courses, linking the e-learning management system “ bridges” to the e-services databases at the university, linking the studios of TV transmission at the halls at the branches, changing the affiliation program into distance education program in 1435 A.D., and acquiring a system to manage the university campus in the name of  Taibah campus management system (CMS), and acquiring a system to manage e- learning in the name of LMS Taibah system.
As well, the Faculty’s distinctive units have been reviewed where the e-learning unit at the Faculty of Family Sciences won the first position, the e-learning unit at the Faculty of Nursing won the second position and the e-learning unit in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities won the third position, in addition to honoring the female employees of the Deanship, excellent female workers, and the female students’ winning projects and films.

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