جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

AL-ULA Community College Dean's Word

In the name of Allah, Most merciful, Most beneficent

     Thanks be to Allah, the lord of worlds, and peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad Ben Abdullah and his all beloved companions

     As a matter of fact, our wise leaders have put the youths as one of their priorities, and took upon their shoulders making them well-educated and well-trained. And no  wonder that the leaders consider the youths as one of the most important patriotic goals. Because youths are indispensable power of any society. Youths are the milestone of any society.

     And working towards this goal, the Community College has been established in Al-ULA as one of the good trends which Taibah University works for.

     Establishing the Community College aims at providing training and learning opportunities for the greatest number of our sons in our and to homeland to attract the Saudi youths and urge them to learn knowledge and values which secure them an outstanding position in a changing and competitive globe

     And for this mission to be achieved the Community College leaders keep open eyes to select the best qualified, staff the best competitive curricula and the best means of training so as to reach the level we aspire to and to prepare our students to repay the favor to their homeland the land of the two Holly Mosques.

   The Community College was established for you my dear students. it is the responsibility which you should take upon your shoulders to help your country advance and progress.

    At  the end let me say thank you and welcome to your College the Community College.

                                                            AL-ULA Community College Dean

                                                              Dr. Ayman Ben Ahmed Al-Ouqbi