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​What is Computer Engineers?

Computer Engineering (BSCoE) program prepares you for a wid​e range of engineering study and career options, including biomedical engineering, computer hardware, computer software, and nano-electronic chips.​ Computer Engineers contribute to​:​​​​

  • Make the world a better place;
  • Turn any idea into something real.
  • Use math and science to solve problems and create new products, systems, devices, and services.
  • Work at the heart of the most rapidly developing technology humankind has ever seen.
  • Create biomedical instruments, new robotics systems, smart devices, etc, that can save lives or remote explore unreachable sites.

What do Computer Engineers do?

Computer engineers work in every sector of society and industry.  They can:

  • Design the control systems for automated production lines,
  • Create software for digital systems
  • Supervise the installation of a Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Develop new hardware systems for clients with specific needs.

Computer Engineering or Computer Science?

Computer Science is offered by the department of Computer Science and primarily is concerned with the programming side of computers as well as computational theory, numerical analysis, etc. Computer engineering is offered by Computer Engineering department which means you will be an engineer when you graduate. Computer engineering students learn the hardware and software of computers. They study computer architecture and how computers can be used in industry, medicine, and other systems. 

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