جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Master of Science in Computer Science


  Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Provide high quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs in the field of computer science.
  2. Provide computer science expertise, resources and services to the community.
  3. In-line with this mission, the MSCS program is oriented to achieve the following objectives:
  4. Conduct quality scholarly activities leading to research output of international standards.
  5. Provide an avenue suitable for deepening academic knowledge and advocating research activities in various areas of computer science.
  6. Serve the needs of the local society in terms of highly qualified computing professionals.
  7. Enable students to pursue doctoral degrees by providing them with strong theoretical and practical foundation in computer science and related fields. ​
  8. Equip the students with the necessary skills to enable them to pursue higher degrees and research, and be ready to properly fill computer science teaching positions in higher educational institutions.
  9. Extend to the students an environment, both stimulating and challenging, where they can study different subjects in several advanced areas.
  10. Build strong ties with other national and international academic institutions as well as with industry.


​​The minimum requirements f​​or possible admission as a regular graduate student to pursue a master program are as follows:

​1. General requirements and conditions as stated in the guidelines of Higher Education in Saudi Universities and its applications at Taibah University (numbers 13, 14, 15, 16, 18).

2. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or a closely related discipline) from a recognized institution.

3. A GPA of 4.00 or higher on a scale of 5.00 or equivalent in the bachelor degree.

4. Demonstrate English language proficiency by scoring 61 (or higher) on TOEFL iBT test or equivalent on other internationally recognized standard tests (IELTS, STEP).

5. Pass the personal interview conducted by the department before the beginning of each semester.​​​​