جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

The department of Computer Science provides outstanding programs with a focus on the computer science core and fundamentals. The department strives to train its students to be able to analyze, design, and build software and computer systems that serve the community's requirements in various areas of life. Reflecting the increasing importance of computer science in various areas of life in the modern era, the bachelor program of computer science has been developed and supported with a study plan that adheres to the international quality standards. The computer science study plan has been developed and provided with various courses related to software engineering, programming languages, artificial intelligence, analysis and design of algorithms, databases, computer security, and others. The courses aim to provide the student with the necessary skills and tools to establish themselves comfortably in these fields whether in the industry or further graduate studies.
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We invite Researchers, Academicians and industrialist  to submit proposals for the technical talks and workshops.

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