جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

Alamri, Saif Sarhan H. (2014) Students with AD/HD-related behaviours : Saudi mainstream teachers' knowledge and attitude towards inclusion. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology. 

My Ph.D study investigated Saudi mainstream primary teachers' knowledge of AD/HD and their attitudes towards the inclusion of students with AD/HD-related behaviours. The study also explored the relationships among teachers' attitudes towards inclusion, knowledge of AD/HD, efficacy beliefs for teaching students with behavioural problems, and relevant background factors such as teacher age, training and experience, and class size. In the first phase of the study, more than 200 Saudi teachers completed a four-part self-report questionnaire while in the second, 8 teachers completed semi-structured interviews. Findings from both phases of the study indicated that although teachers' knowledge of AD/HD was somewhat limited, they generally held positive attitudes towards the inclusion of students with AD/HD-related behaviours in regular classrooms. Additional significant influences on teachers' attitudes included class size as well as teachers' training and self-efficacy beliefs.

ID Code:67585
Item Type:QUT Thesis (PhD)
Supervisor:Mercer, Louise & Carrington, Suzanne
Keywords:ADHD, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Inclusion, Inclusive education, Theory of Planned Behaviour, Behavioural problems,, Saudi Arabia, Self-efficacy, Critique of ADHD, Mixed methods
Instit​​ution:Queensland University of Technology

Dr. Saif Sarhan AL amri
Assistant Professor
​Email: sshamri@taibahu.edu.s​a