جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
 عبدالرحمن بن حسن حسين مقبول​ أشقر
محاضر بقسم التربية الخاصة
التدخل المبكر للأطفال ذوى الاعاقة العقلية

Abdulrhman​ H. Ashgar​​
College of Education 
Taibah University​

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Name : Abdulrhman Hasan Hussin Ashgar 

Nationality  : Saudi Arabia

Date of Birth  : 20/10/1986               

Place of Birth : Jeddah

Address  : Al-Madinah Al-Monaurah – Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz road.   

Phone Number  :00966557760103

Email   :Ashgar_969@hotmail.com   


Scientific expertise

• Attend Conference (December practitioners MN) for a range of early intervention in the field of special education experts.

• Attend a workshop sponsored by the (MN Council for Children with Behavior Disorders, School Wide PBIS and EBD).

• Attend a meeting titled (4th Annual Education for Everyone Event Series, Bullying & Cyber Bullying Prevention).

• Complete the certificate program around (MN Division for Early Childhood Practitioners Conference).

• Attend a meeting on (Promoting Diversity & Family Engagement Event).

• Active participation in the success of the annual seminar of the Special Education entitled (the reality of intellectual education and ambition) at the Institute of Intellectual Education in Jeddah.

• Attend a workshop entitled medical and psychological communication to support hyperactivity and distracting disorder, Dr. Amal Al-Yamani.

• Attend a workshop entitled hyperactivity and lack of concentration, the challenges of diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, Dr. Suad Al-Yamani and Dr. Amal Al-Yamani.



• Bachelor in Education from King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah Teacher College branch in special education Department, Intellectual Disability in the Spring of 2007/2008.

• Master of Arts from St. Thomas University in the field of Early Childhood Special Education, Spring of 2016.



English  : second language      

Arabic  : native language


Work Experience

• A special Education teacher at Bader school from 11/10/1429 to 20/03/1431.

• A teacher Assistant at Taibah University in Special Education department for two years after 20/03/1431.

• A lecturer at Taibah University in Special Education department from 01/09/1437 until now.


Self Development

• Introductory session for the workers rehabilitation in the field of education.

• The quality in management and engineering the life, Dr. Iyad Omari.

• Discover yourself, Dr. Sobhi Amin Jalabi.

• Diction skills to Dr. Ahmed Alghamdi.

• Understanding human selves, Engineer Tariq al-Harbi.

• Memory and development, Dr. Ahmed al-Ghamdi.

​​​Abdulrhman Asghar CV.pdf

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