جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Updated on 24-Oct-2021

Essential instructions and information:


1- A detailed message must be present with the documents when you send them by e-mail to the committee "mc-rec@taibahu.edu.sa". This message must explain the content of attachments and whether the research is a student-based “PEP or non-PEP” research, postgraduate research, or other types of studies.


2- You must fill the application form http://forms.office.com/r/8rS8zHp8L6. You will need your university account to access this form.


3- If the study is a PEP study, the number of the group must be included in the title of the email message and whether it is a male or a female group.


4- All staff and student researchers MUST be aware of and must meet, their ethical responsibilities when designing, implementing and managing human research projects.


5- It is required to have a Certificate of Completion indicating that the investigators have completed the mandatory online National Committee of Bioethics examination http://bioethics.kacst.edu.sa/home.aspx Or any similar training on protecting human subject in research like the NIH Ethics Training available at http://phrp.nihtratining.com/users.login.php?l=3 to be attached to the package of ethics application documents.


6- In most human research projects, informed Consent Form (ICF) must be obtained before you conduct your research and participants are at liberty to participate, or not, without coercion. Participant Consent Form should be signed by the participant to verify that they have provided their informed consent to be involved in the research. The informed consent must comply with the National Committee of Bioethics guidelines.



7- The informed consent must comply with the national guidelines for writing an informed consent to human based studies.


8- Research Proposal, supporting documents (e.g., questionnaire, designed interview, Participant Consent Form MUST be included with the research proposal upon submission to the committee.


9- Investigators / or Students and their supervisors MUST sign the declaration forms, it is a must to upload the form in a PDF format.


10- All students’ and interns’-based researches MUST be supervised by one of the staff members of the faculty and again he/she MUST sign the declaration form to the supervisor in a PDF format.


11- The committee forms must be filled electronically and not by hand and to be uploaded in a WORD format.


12- To save time and effort of you and the committee, you must be sure that all the requirements are available and complete in a good shape before uploading them to the committee.


13- The minimum amount of time to have a primary reply from the committee is 15 working days from the date of sending your message and uploading your documents in a complete and satisfactory way. Any incomplete or non-satisfactory submission will be rejected and the date will not be considered.


14- Technical and professional support will be always welcomed at any time only through the mail address of the committee and you must expect reply only during official working days.


15- The committee will officially accept new proposals from the date of regular student academic year till 3 weeks before the end of the same academic year.