جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

​​​​​ An Overview

​​  ​​In implementation of the Council of Higher Education decisions at its 60th session held on 22/6/1431 H and No. 1431/60/19, which approved the transformation of (Information Technology Center of Taibah University) to (Deanship of Information Technology), the Deanship was established to contribute to the construction of a cooperative cultural society, Through the provision of administrative and academic electronic services to beneficiaries.
​​​ The university leadership considered that the IT Deanship is specialized in all IT works, from the communication infrastructure and networks to serve electronic transactions and e-learning at the university.
​​​   As the Deanship is keen to develop the mechanism of communication between the university sectors and provide technical support, it has undertaken to:

  • Link the University's s​ectors and branches through the network.
  • Provide the necessary programs and devices to enable all sectors to benefit from the computer network.
  • Work on automating all administrative and financial works.
  • Provide technical consultations and studies for sectors.
​​    The Deanship also appreciates its role in responding to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision directions in keeping with the technological development through the dissemination of technical awareness among the staff, facilitating the process of transferring and updating the necessary technical knowledge.
​ ​