جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة


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(Firefox Browser) 


    Is a free internet browser, it is developed and distributed by the Mozilla Foundation, assiste​​d by hundreds of volunteer developers under the free software / open source.

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(Internet Explorer​)

 شعار انترنت اكسبلورر.png

    It is the simplest and easiest Internet browser, and Internet browsers is the most famous in the world

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(Orbit Browser​)

 شعار برنامج اوربت.jpg

     It is one of the giants accelerate downloads from the Web, ​especially with the Intern​et revolution, frequent large files like videos and music​​.

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(Google Chrome)

 شعار كروم.png

​     Is a proprie​tary Web browser works on ​most operating systems from Google development

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(avant browser)


   ​Browsing the Web Avant Browser software is a high-speedweb browser, with easy-to-use interface when you use the program, you will notice a new lev​el of clarity and efficiency, with many of the many advantages

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(opera browser)


    ​Is a program that includes a review Alamboo prevent pop-up ads and filling protection against fraud and the discovery and examination of malicious sites

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