جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة

Welcome to Department of Media and Public Relations (DMPR). We are pleased by your visit to this website which keeps us in contact with you. The DMPR is one of the fundamental sectors of Taibah University. The University of Tiabah relies on its splendid past and shining future to respond to constants and variables. Taibah university assures the importance of indiscriminate presentation of educational opportunities for all citizens. It also aims at establishing partnership with the community to set up an example of how to regulate, manage, and finance academic education. Furthermore, it aims at reinforcing the interaction of the university faculties, deanships, and administrations with the community. The DMPR welcomes all inquiries, suggestions, and viewpoints that may come across one’s mind and are related to the department or the university processes. In addition, the DMPR promises to take all received suggestions into consideration to support the university and DMPR function properly. There is no doubt that all suggestions will have a great effect in assisting DMPR improving its media activities and in caching up with the current educational renaissance our beloved country is experiencing. If Allah is willing, We, DMPR, will be in perpetual advancement because of your constructive and meaningful suggestions