جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Electronic Fax
Short description
The electronic fax program enables you to send and receive faxes and distribute them to the Depa​rtments with all its sizes easily and safely. Besides, ​it enables the institutions and its users to create, store, manage, archive, and dispose of documents easily.

  Service Provider:
General Administration of Information Technology and Digital Transformation
  Category of recipient:

     ​All university Staff and faculty members​.
Service Feature
  • Sending and receiving faxes from anywhere
  • Sending and receiving faxes from and to telephone faxes
  • Confidentiality , privacy, and the possibility of specifying the assigned powers
  • Reducing the costs of the bills of communication, inks, papers, maintenance, and buying new faxes. The possibility of sending the fax to more than 500 clients at one time via the stored telephone notes
  • It helps in the archiving system automatically on your computer or an external CD
  • Complete reports on the incoming and outgoing faxes and reports on the accounts of the employees
  • The possibility of adding the seal or logo of the enterprise or company to the fax where there is a special faxes editor
  • The electronic fax is characterized by supporting the entry interface to the fax into Arabic and English​.
System Requirements
  • An account on the University network​​​
  Service forms:
​      without​​


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​ In case of any questions or technical problems, please contact at:​

Ext:  8880

E-mail: ​  helpdesk@taibahu.edu.sa