جــــامـــعــة طــيــبــة
Students Email
Short description
​ Quick and easy service to exchange messages online substitute for useing traditional mail.

 Service Provider:
     Deanship of Information Technology​
  Category of recipient:
    ​All university students and graduates​

Service Feature
  • ​Hold the name of  University
  • Support the service of assignments and calendar
  • 24 Giga byte of storage space
  • The user is free to choose an e-mail ID
  • The possibility of using office web Apps via the browser
  • The possibility of keeping the e-mail after graduation
  • The possibility of changing the shape and appearance of the inbox
System Requirements

 Service forms:
   ​ without

Total Voting : 13758
 ​​In case of any questions or technical problems, please contact at:​

  Ext:  8880​

   E-mail:   helpdesk@taibahu.edu.sa